Who we are

Here you can meet us and figure out a little bit more about us and what we have accomplished.

Dr. Elisabeth Jankovich

Dr. Elisabeth Jankovich Besan M.A., Managing Director: born 1963 in Munich, Germany; since 1989 Investment
Consultant, since 1998 in Budapest for Central- and Eastern Europe in the markets Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia,
Rumania, Russia, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Macedonia etc. focused on: Market-entry-studies, M&A, privatisation,
restructuring, due diligences, manager of operations;
Former managing partner of the TPP Holding Co. (1992-1998), Dresden and Leipzig; development and administration of a
real estate portfolio (120 real estates) included acquisition, reconstruction, contracts, financing etc., management of the
operation of two company groups (turnover EUR 60 Mio, 800 employees 1989; 350 employees 1997), acquisition of
cooperation companies in Poland and Czech Republic, since 1991 and 1995 managing partner of two real estate companies
in Russia and Czech Republic, 1989-1992 assistant to the CEO of the Thurn und Taxis Acquisition and Consultancy Services
Co. Munich; acquisition, privatisation and restructuring of five firms in two company groups in the branches of book retailing
and construction work, (turnover approx. EUR 45 Mio) and of other companies and branches.
1994-1997: PhD in philosophy (magna cum laude) (Dr. phil.), University of Philosophy S.J., faculty of philosophy, Munich and
Rome, 1983-1989 Master of Arts (magna cum laude) (M.A.) in philosophy, linguistics and literature (French, Spanish), social
history and philosophy of law, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and Sorbonne, Paris.

Prof. Dr. Ivan Dalbokov

Prof. Dr. Ivan S. Dalbokov Ph.D., Expert for strategic investment and marketing: born 1946 in Bulgaria; since 1996 cooperation partner of Tiser Consult BT., Budapest, Hungary. Strategic Investment and Marketing Consultant: Leadership role in consultancy projects for leading European companies. Heads macroeconomic analysis; present and future market trends; investment and marketing opportunity identification. Responsible for compiling executive recommendations.
Former (2000-2001) Project Department Manager Aspolly Carras Int., Sofia, Bulgaria. Project identification and application processes at the company. Supervised project application and business plan development. 1997-2000 Director Management Company, Sofia, Bulgaria. Supervised the identification, assessment, and business planning of investment projects throughout Bulgaria. Headed the company’s IT department; ensured adequate company IT structure, support, and office automation. 1990-97 Deputy General Manager Omnitech Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria. Founded the company and headed its financial and administrative management. Leadership role in optimizing company finances and personnel. Established and maintained partnerships with international companies and organizations. 1980-90 Associate Professor Institute of Cybernetics, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Jan.2000 Assoc. for Overseas Techn. Scholarship, Osaka, Japan. Program for Central and East European Entrepreneurs. Introduction to the Japanese industrial experience, modern management and marketing. 1992-1998 University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria. Special Financial Management program for working professionals. 1972-1975 Kiev Polytechnics Institute, Kiev, Ukraine. Ph.D. in Computer Science. 1965-70 Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria. Master in Industrial Electronics.

Prof.Dr.Ivan Dalbokov, Ph.D.
Investment Consultant

15 Fr.J.Curie St., Apt.7, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
e-mails: ivdalbo@centrum-group.org idalbokov@yahoo.com
tel:+3592 8720729, +3592 8708227 GSM:+359 899101039
fax: +3592 8704105

Bernhard Keim MBA

Bernhard Keim MBA, Research and Business Development: born 1960 in Munich, Germany; he has been working since 1982 as CEO for several companies with focus on IT, retail and real estate. He is a keen expert in restructuring, finance and business (re-)development with an expertise in strategy.

István Kerekes

12 years bank experience with focus private banking and private capital investments. Mr. Kerekes runs operates a an international investment counselling office. He has worked for Bank Gutmann, PricewaterhouseCoopers, MAVA Capital, Barclays and other major financial companies. He holds a degree in economics from the London School of Economics and the Budapest University.

Dipl. Kfm. Hartmut Völkl

Mr. Völkl is a tax accountant. His expertise is management consultancy for start-ups, business administration, investments and successors. He has worked for the European Commission, the KfW, CDI, GTZ and other national and international clients.

These are our partners. Beyond this we have a wast network of specialists, enrolled on there specific skills depending on the project's task and means.