Our Service Menu

Tiser Consult develops each project and provides personalized consulting services after a careful assessment of each client’s needs and the specific marketing demand. We started with our expertise in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and constantly extend it to the rest of Europe meeting new market challenges.

Tiser Consult has most active presence in Germany. We operate throughout Central and Eastern Europe via a network of experienced consultants and local experts in most countries and work closely tasks with lawyers, tax advisors, business planners and other professionals, as required by each project.

We specialize in the following consulting services:
  • Market-entries (market studies) – green and brown field;
  • Financial engineering and Project financing: feasibility assessments, identification of funding sources, bank documents negotiations, applications;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: all-inclusive package from identification of companies and/or investors, negotiation, transaction, until running and managing the operation;
  • Restructuring: ranges from evaluating the efficiency of sales, costs of labor to the restructuring of production/distribution and analysis of information flows inside companies;
  • Real Estate: extensive consulting services and solutions for developers and investors.
  • Study of competition: competitor analysis, and recommendations for selection of partners and suppliers;
  • Privatization: evaluation and analysis of privatized entities, identification of investors, financial planning, company restructuring plans.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality and personalized, thorough and cost-conscious services.